Hi, I’m Maggie Hudson. I’ve been a professional photographer for 10 years and a photographer since I was able to buy disposable cameras at the age of 12. I’m self-taught and learned from other photographers (and trial and error) along the way. I have a wide range of knowledge in all areas of photography and specialize in natural lighting portraiture.

I created this site because I’ve always loved to teach photography and help people get started with their cameras. I’ve always learned best by taking in bit sized chunks of knowledge and applying them to my work. I take the same approach with Photography Hacker. It’s not that hard to learn photography or to apply new methods. I’m so excited to be sharing these quick tools, tips and courses that are immediately applicable to play with and improve your photography right away.

Explore the site, share your insights, ask your questions and go create!


1. How to FIX common mistakes people make 2. Basic LIGHTING tips 3. How to capture MOTION 4. EXAMPLES and side by side comparison so you can see the difference. Just enter your info and I'll teach you...

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